Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A lusciously gourmand confection of french macaroon accord, bourbon vanilla bean, piquant nutmeg, sweet almonds, golden caramel, dulce de leche, and intoxicating amber.

3 thoughts on “Irrésistible”

  1. This is really lovely but it didn’t last long on me! I can’t really smell macaroons in it although when I think about it I don’t even know what they smell like because I’ve never eaten them? The vanilla is dark not sweet, which is really nice. I can also smell the nutmeg, almonds, amber and I think caramel. Everything blends together really well and it’s just a sort of dark vanilla gourmand that isn’t artificial or too sweet. Delicious too

  2. Other Alkemia scents have not worked well on me. But Irrésistible is really delicious. It starts off with what smells like a blast of almond extract that dies down and blends together with the vanilla and the coconut of the macaroons. Unfortunately my skin eats this scent up, like it does to many other scents from many other houses. If it didn’t disappear so quickly on me, I’d get myself a full size.

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