Koi No Yokan

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: An intriguing romance of plum blossoms, lily of the valley, white musk, and water lotus kindled by dry aged Japanese cedar, tempting black currants, and a flirtation of exotic pomelo and tamarind.

8 thoughts on “Koi No Yokan”

  1. I was concerned that the lotus note in this would go powdery on me but I honestly couldn’t even pick it out. Curiosity made me try this and I was pleasantly surprised. I find Koi No Yokan to be blended extremely well. I’ll get a whiff of a certain note and then it’ll disappear as quick. KYN is reminding me of a mainstream fragrance but of course I can’t figure out. All I can say is it smells very familiar to me. Maybe someday it’ll come to me! My one gripe is how quickly this scent fades away on me. I can’t smell this after 2 hours. I’d definitely grab the Ultime version of Koi No Yokan.

  2. A sophisticated and surprisingly somber floral. The opening of dry, sweet-sour pomelo dissipates quickly for sultry plum blossom and soft lily-of-the-valley to take center stage on an earthy backdrop of cedar. The drydown is musky, with the aquatic tones of lotus finally makes itself known. Koi no Yokan becomes sweeter and fruitier as it wears, though, which I feel detracts from its refinement.

  3. As a rule of thumb I typically avoid any perfume that lists both florals AND cedar, but I got a freebie sample of this in my latest order and didn’t have the notes handy, and curiosity got the better of me. And I actually kinda dig it?? It’s more of a fruit-forward floral on me, with the pomelo leading the way and eventually pulling back to reveal fluffy friendly inoffensive blooms. Not something I’ll wear often, but a good option for occasions where I have to socialize and am expected to smell “normal.”

  4. I really like this one. It’s very floral, but there’s a distinct woodiness grounding all of that, which I find missing in a lot of floral scents. It’s a bit sweet in a fruity sense as well, definitely not in a sugary way, but the tamarind definitely shows up and adds a touch of fruity sweetness. All the floral notes blend together nicely. Only thing I don’t like is that it has poor projection/sillage and longevity (on me, at least). It disappeared quite quickly but it may be my skin chemistry.

  5. A nice, romantic floral that teeters on the edge of smelling mainstream. The plum blossom is the strongest note on me, which is beautiful. It does come off as very slightly soapy at times, as previously mentioned.

  6. On me, this is a scent memory of a good day I had running through the trails of a California state park in full bloom, with flowering trees and flower beds, and populated with old growth trees.

  7. Wet: Calm blossoms, that slowly grows stronger.

    Dry: No shy blossoms anymore, instead quite clear airy florals. Mostly Lily of the valley and white musk. Hints of cedar. I think its a bit flirty with its florals, not really erotic or sensual but flirty in a kind and fun way.

    A very pink/purple tree blossomy scent. Its calming as something keeps it from getting sweet without smothering any of the delicate blossoms. Airy, in a way. Again, very well blended.
    Sometimes, on me, on the edge of being slightly soapy.

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