La Sirena

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description:  A mesmerizing spell of oceanic aquatics, saline seaweed, and garlands of fresh tiare flowers offered to the sea. Hauntingly elusive.

3 thoughts on “La Sirena”

  1. This is definitely floral-aquatic, and even though I put on way more than I did initially it’s still quite soft. The Tiare flowers are sweet and on the border between “tropical blooms” and “white floral”, but they’re not overpoweringly fruity on the skin or too-sweet.

    I do wish this had more of a salty-sea-air note (as in the now-discontinued Le Chant des Sirènes), but as it is I really like it; definitely a warm-weather mermaid scent.

  2. When first applied, I get a strong scent of soap, like an intense CLEAN scent. As it dries down and settles, florals with a hint of salt start to come through. It’s not exciting, but if you’re going to be riding in a car with other people, this is going to be a good crowd-pleasing scent.

  3. Pretty light floral, then after a bit I get a light fresh ocean type scent, maybe a hint of seaweed, dies down to a mild and vaguely oceanic floral, nice enough but not too exciting to me.

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