Love is Nearer Death

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A narcotically seductive floriental garden of Sambac jasmine, Spicy carnation, Dark orchids, Cananga flower, Lotus blossoms, Tuberose, Vanilla orchid, and Neroli woven with an aphrodisiac spell of spiced amber and cacao dusted labdanum.

3 thoughts on “Love is Nearer Death”

  1. Love is Nearer Death is the Alkemia version of a floral powerhouse…a heady, deep and complex floral blend, it can be a little TOO much lol intoxicating comes to mind…I keep forgetting to buy a FB of this, it is perfect for occasions where you want to make your presence known, not really an every day type of scent ( for me at least!)

  2. Love is Nearer Death is far more dominant on spicy orientals than the white florals; ylang ylang, carnation, and orchid are the most detectable notes, heavy enough to contain a little indole, with a creamier projection from the tuberose. The scent doesn’t change too much with the drydown; maybe a little sweeter and more watery from the lotus, with a hint of something vanillic. If theres’s any jasmine present, it must be of the soapy variety as in Foxfire, and found far into the background.

  3. This is a very floral scent, but reminds me of flowers blooming on a humid and hot summer night.The tuberose and orchids come out to me more than the jasmine, but it is overall a complex and lovely floral scent.

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