Madam Pearl

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description:  The essence of a deliciously scandalous tea reading. White tea leaves on fine bone china, a parchment letter from a mysterious stranger, a menage a trois of elegant vanillas, and a piquant pinch of aphrodisiac white pepper.

8 thoughts on “Madam Pearl”

  1. On my skin I definitely get the white tea note right off the bat. It reminds me of an Elizabeth Arden “tea” perfume I wore 20+ years ago…damn, what was the name? Spiced Tea? It was rusty colored glass. Back when there were only 2 choices, the green tea or the one I wore. I’m not sure if it’s even made anymore. If it is, I haven’t seen it. Madam Pearl also reminds me of a retired Bath and Body Works spray that I used to wear. Again, I can’t remember the name but it had white tea in it also. It stays predominantly white tea with vanilla(s) in the background. The white tea has an almost floral quality to it that really reminds me of that old B&BW spray… White Tea & Ginger I think? This perfume oil wears close to the skin. As it fades, the white tea backs off and the vanilla(s) come forward. It’s just about gone at the 4 hour mark. I like this but I wish it was stronger and it lasted longer. This one would be an ultime purchase for sure, no extrait. I would wear this year round but it’s very nice right now for spring weather. To me, this is office friendly unless someone near is super sensitive. This being a skin scent on myself, someone would have to get awfully close (less than our standard of 6 feet) to smell it on me. My skin gobbles perfumes so the individual experience is going to vary.

    1. I always do several testings if I can before purchasing a FS perfume oil. After multiple testings this has really grown on me. Again it reminds me of some scents (listed in my first review) that I used to wear but so much better. I’d rock this year round but it’s nice in the warm weather right now. This has stayed the same through each testing on me. No matter the time of month or what I eat, this perfume oil comes across consistently the same every time. This is in the top 3 for me in tea scents period. My skin gobbles this so I need an Ultime for sure. Really nice year round white tea scent.

  2. It is really sharp and sort of department store fragrance counter-y in a sort of astringent way that would be glossy if scents could be glossy– at least when it first goes on. As it starts to settle into my skin it definitely retains a sort of floral perfume-y quality, but I smell the parchment a little, and something not-quite-mint but sort of cooling in a similar way. The white tea is probably my favorite part of this scent and is well-executed, but I wish it was stronger than the floral perfume smell.

    This is one of the rare few that got boyfriend’s seal of approval and grabby hands for more sniffing. Somehow or another, though, it smells like chocolate and mint to him. He’s a confectioner, so he knows really well what chocolate smells like, so it baffles me that he smells it in here.

  3. Next to BPAL Dorian, this is my favorite tea scent, very feminine and delicate yet has wonderful throw for an oil and lasts all day.

  4. Dryly sweet and vanillic with a spicy edge; it’s interesting how the pepper evokes coolness rather than warmth in this blend. There’s definitely something citrusy in the scent, though none of its notes suggest anything of the kind. The drydown is heavier on the tea and bone china (which I’d describe as mild, cold, and hollow, with a faint stony or metallic tinge), with a wooden edge that could be the parchment note. Palpably creamy, elegant but ephemeral; different notes surface with every sniff, as it swirls around you barely perceptibly, like a ghost.

  5. Good but not something I would wear all the time. Creamy tea and bone china- a nice and elegant “cool” scent. I gifted this to a tea-loving friend and they loved it. It definitely makes an impression.

  6. Citrus white tea with peppery milk. It’s very creamy, with a clear blast of lemon at the very top. As it dries down, the pepper becomes more obvious, as does a base note that has to “bone china” but reminds me a bit of beeswax. It’s very smooth and elegant.

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