Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: An olfactory ode to love and loss. Heirloom roses, memories wrapped in woodsmoke, a scattering of ashes. Contains an infusion of Balm of Gilead – an ancient herb for dispelling sadness and soothing sorrowful hearts.

5 thoughts on “Memoriam”

  1. Smoldering roses with some spiciness underneath and lots of smoke. I was a little scared of how smoky it was in the bottle, but it’s sublime on the skin. Definitely something that would suit darker aesthetics and tendencies such as my own. If Black No. 1 had a scent, this would be it.

  2. The rose is a little too shrill and artificial and the smoke is just like cooking liquid smoke rather than a warm smoke like in Soltice Scent’s Manor Fire, the note here is definitely on the ashy side. Improves a lot after aging for a year, the smoke has receded a little and the rose is slightly deeper.

  3. Like roses are mixed with burning leaves.

    I love it. And if you get some on your clothes, in 3 days it takes on a whole new amazing smell of roses and smoke that differs significantly from the original scent you get.

  4. I really like this. It basically the same hyper-realistic smoke note from Smoke & Mirrors, but with rose. It’s a fresh, realistic rose smell. The combination makes me think of a rose garden in early winter when it’s cold out and everything else is dead but the roses are still hanging on.

  5. Full face of dead, dusty roses. As someone who strongly dislikes rose scents, I’ve no idea why I bought this, but I imagine those who adore rose – especially dead rose – will be a big, big fan. It had a very strong throw – it was impossible to *not* smell it while it was on me – and lasted on my skin for two days despite my best efforts to scrub it off my wrists.

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