Mist Becoming Rain

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Rainwater, mist drenched hazel wood, meadow grasses, sage blooms, orris root, ozone, grey amber. Deep, dark, cool and mysterious.

Released: The Celtic Twilight Collection

4 thoughts on “Mist Becoming Rain”

  1. This opens on me with a prominent note of sage blooms (which I absolutely love) and wet earth. Something bright and herbal with an almost citrus character added to a misty aquatic. It dries down to mostly soft rain. I would definitely consider a full size.

  2. For me, this one does start off very petrichor-y in the bottle. When I put it on, it quickly starts to smell like wet grass clippings (!!!). It’s very very green at this stage, essentially wet soil/wet grasses/rain but really heavy on the grasses. As it wears on I think I’m getting the amber because it gets a little bit mellower.

    Eventually this dries down to a wet, green, woodsy-amber smell. It’s not sweet, it’s green and damp and earthy. I bought a bottle of this one to layer with my favorite spring florals, particularly lilac scents and lily of the valley, to give them more of an atmospheric edge.

  3. This smells like dryer sheets or laundry detergent on my skin, which is a bummer. I was hoping for a nice greenish petrichor, but the search continues.

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