Moon Goddess

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A magical elixir of narcotic florals – datura, night-blooming cereus, and white poppy enfolded in a aquatically luminous blend of water musks, delicate cucumber, and the palest melons.

2 thoughts on “Moon Goddess”

  1. This is super aquatic at first, but the overwhelming wateriness mellows out after a bit. Cucumber is most prominent, along with the melons, and it’s not as floral as one would expect. It’s very fresh, soapy, and clean. Not bad but not my type of scent.

  2. Cucumber! Peppery Cucumber. It starts out very fresh and the cucumber just hits me in the face, but only moments later the water musk comes in and kind of bogs it down, allowing more notes to come through. The melon starts to show itself, as does the sweetness of the florals. A bit soapy. Good scent for damp, cool weather, I imagine.

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