Peaches in the Summer Wind

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Lusciously ripe peaches, peach leaves, freshly mowed hay, and ash-splint wood orchard baskets.

2 thoughts on “Peaches in the Summer Wind”

  1. Fresh peaches in a basket! The wood and hay are very light. This was immediately freshly peachy and woody from the get go. The woods soften a lot and become less overt, so that it does smell like fresh peaches in a wooden basket that has been left out and warmed up in the sun. I don’t find that this has a lot of staying power on me. It was completely gone a few hours later.

  2. This is mostly wood, hay, and peach leaves on me as opposed to peaches themselves. There’s a bit of a musty quality to it, which reads as damp wood more than anything else, which makes this really unusual (in a good way).

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