Persian Tea Room

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Strong black tea, Silk Road spices, sueded leather, skin musk, red musk and a tiny drop of Aoud. A long, slow flirtation – exquisitely polite, yet spiced with double-entendres and sensual promise.

3 thoughts on “Persian Tea Room”

  1. This goes on as a potent bomb of cinnamon, and maybe some other spices but really strong cinnamon. I smell the black tea pretty strongly a minute or so into wear. This smells a bit like a good, strong chai with no milk, to my nose.

    If you’re not a cinnamon lover (I totally am) be aware that the HI I’M CINNAMON stage lasts a solid hour or two on me, with sort of an undertone of strong black tea. After that, the spices begin to move into the background, and it turns into a tea scent with some well-worn, sun-warmed leather (I think the musk is what makes the leather seem warm), and the spice is just sort in the air around the tea and leather. Eventually it settles into dusty leather and tea, but I never get as much of the leather or sun-scorched earth smell from this as I do from Epicée Bohème. I love it for the chai-like smell, though.

    My partner says this smells strongly like incense when it first goes on, although I don’t get incense at all. He dislikes it in the wet stage (first couple cinna-bomb hours), but loves it once it settles into tea, leather, and dust with a hint of spice. This is one of the few he requests.

  2. Persian Tea Room smells exactly like the name suggests, dry dusty spices and tea, with the soft suede note pulling it all together. Very good silage that radiates around me in a soft haze. This slightly reminds me of a spicy vintage mainstream scent but I can’t for the life of me remember which one. Another beautiful olfactory journey courtesy of Alkemia 😀

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