Philtre d’Amour No. 6

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Aged golden ambers, Bourbon vanilla pods and crushed tonka beans slow infused with late summer honey.

4 thoughts on “Philtre d’Amour No. 6”

  1. Nice, but not groundbreaking. Of course, every honey-amber competed with my beloved NAVA honey ambers, like Queen Amber and Princess Amber, and those are plain unbeatable. However, PDA6 does have a slightly different take, so even though it’s honey and its amber notes are not as good as NAVA’s, I appreciate the scent. I think of it as MdSeT’s counterpart, where PDA6 is more wearable and day-safe and MdSeT is more assertive. It is also nowhere near as potent as MdSeT. PDA6 is refined, with a friendly and warm vanilla-tonka that works just as well here as it does in Smoke & Mirrors. The amber is not the richly textured, dry, incense seen in NAVA’s Royal Amber, but it is still well-done and does not smell like generic powdery, gooey “amber”. It’s relaxed and mild, but still resinous and has an obvious presence. The honey here is dialed back and well-mannered, as opposed to the wilder and aggressive honey in MdSeT. Overall, not the best honey-amber, but still pretty good, and I have to say I got rid of BPAL O and Womb Furie, but PDA6 is staying in my collection.

  2. Soft, snuggly, and just a little bit slinky. It’s the next best thing to snuggling up in a blanket all day. The amber/honey mix is rich and thick, and although I’m usually not into scents that are very sweet, I don’t find this one overly sweet. There’s something a little bit musky about it that keeps it from being too sweet for my tastes.

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