Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A hypnotic, narcotic, and diabolically erotic blend of Nag Champa incense, dark spiced rum, black amber, opium, laudanum, hashish accord with a raunchy splash of sexy patchouli.

2 thoughts on “Psychédélique”

  1. Oh yes! Nag Champa, incense and opium are some of my favorite notes so this one was a winner for me. A great evening and or cold weather scent. There’s a smokiness in this that I love. This is a smokier, less sweet version of HoG’s Cozy Sweater. Unfortunately I don’t detect any boozy rum on me. Such a shame because booze goes so well with incense.

  2. This is the best concoction of nag champa, and dark spices ever! The patchouli is so behaved, sort of leaves a smoky blend.. but not inoffensive.. if you love nag.. my friend get you a bottle yummmmm <3

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