3 thoughts on “Sadzi”

  1. I know people tend to associate anything citrus with cleaning products. Sadzi didn’t do that for me– at first. At first, it smelled like I’d just painted my wrist with melted candy orange slices, and I became very hungry. But then, a little bit later– the sweetness died down, and it started to smell… familiar. When I was a kid, one of my jobs was to polish the wood sidings and dining table in the house whenever guests came over, and I used this orange-scented wood polish. This is that, in oil form. Weirdly enough, I don’t hate that about it– I actually wish it lasted longer, but, like all citruses, it fades quickly.

  2. Sadzi was everything and more than I was hoping for. This perfume oil showcases both the juice and the rinds of the various citrus fruits. I can pick up on the mandarin orange, key lime and pomelo weaving in and out. There is a definite sparkle to the way this scent smells. The lemongrass musk in this is so good. This is a happy uplifting scent that starts off very bright for the first 40 minutes of wear. Once the sparkle recedes the lemongrass musk comes forward with the remaining citrus fruits popping in and out. The final stage of this is very reminiscent indeed of the Fruit Stripe stick gum of my childhood. I’m glad Jessica mentioned it in her review because it would have been bugging me what that familiar smell was…Fruit Stripe gum! Not too tart and not too sweet, it’s just right there in the middle. This fades considerably at the 3 hour mark. It’s still there close to my skin but nowhere near as assertive as it was in the first hour or so on me. Now it like the faint candy shell of an orange Tic Tac. At this point my brain is on a loop smelling Fruit Stripe gum and orange Tic Tacs until it’s gone. This is great on it’s own and I have a ton of patchouli, resinous and woody perfume oils that I’d love to layer this with. Most citrus is gone at the 2 hour mark on me so this oil holds up better than most I’ve tried/own. I’d wear this year round but I can see Sadzi being a good choice for beating back the winter blues.

  3. This smells exactly like fruit stripe gum, that fruity gum with the zebra on it that used to be around a lot when I was a kid. I smelled this sample and was hit by a wave of nostalgia. If any of you have chewed and smelled this gum, you know exactly what this fragrance smells like!

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