Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A ruthlessly sensual philter of magnolia blossoms, bitter orange, black grapes, cognac, Queen of the Night, violet leaf, Tunisian orange blossom, dark plum, bourbon vanilla, mysore sandalwood, tonka bean, haitian vetiver, cedar, and red oud.

Released: The Decadents Collection

11 thoughts on “Salome”

  1. Salome feels like the darker, more sure-of-herself cousin of Come to Me. Warm muskiness, a slight sweetness from the fruits, a hedionic white floral. Absolutely stunning.

  2. This is a wonderful floral with just the right amount of je ne sais quoi concoction. If anyone asked me to recommend them a sexy perfume, it’s this one!
    Longlivity is only up to 4h on me, but for this level of sexy I am very willing to let that slide.

  3. This is like muddled berries that seems to be trying hard to be sexy? It’s missing the mark for me. I truly think I got a bad batch because the reviews are passionately positive. All of the notes seem appealing but it’s just so mushed together.

  4. Right out of the vial I get a green bitter note. On my skin that quickly fades and I get a mix of a non gourmand vanilla (a dry vanilla if that makes sense), a slightly green woody (sandalwood, cedar and oud) note that looses the green (vetiver?) and magnolia (in that order of strength) as it wears. Over time it looses it’s uniqueness and amps a woody vanilla on me. This isn’t a bad thing but it smells like a mainstream perfume that I used to wear. Can’t pinpoint the exact scent but you know how you smell something and think “Oh, I know that smell!”? Yeah, that’s about where I am on this one. I wonder how much a person’s skin chemistry has to do with this one because I don’t get any soap or fruits from this at all.

  5. Maybe my bottle needs to rest a long while – to me this is green/ and fresh from the bottle and once applied I get a nice vanilla, and a hint of woodsy love. It’s a very nice oil. I don’t find it to be soapy or too mature either. It could fall into the same category as like ‘Chanel chance collection’ very clean with an edge.

  6. Lots of vanilla and sandalwood for me – a very dark and mysterious scent. This one was easily the winner of all the scents I sampled. It’s very complex and has good wear time. The perfect evening scent.

  7. Beautiful dry oud, magnolia, purple fruits, and vanilla. The blending of this one is really well done, and it’s a bit difficult to pick out specific notes. I don’t get soap from this at all either.

  8. There is a lot going on here, and it’s complex and seamless enough that it is difficult for me to pick everything out. What I am certainly able to smell is a resinous vanilla; not heavy, not syrupy, just purely elegant. The oud is there too, not smoky or funky, just sharply woody enough to add texture to the scent. I can also pick out a lingering soft floral-fruitiness from plum and magnolia. The scent as a whole is polished, with a noticeable exotic influence from the Arabian love philtre, andhas tastefully arranged heart-notes that give it so much dimension. This is one of those scents you just have to test out for yourself. I know that is not super useful for those of you looking for reviews to see if you want a sample or not- you probably just want to know what the perfume smells like, not to be told to test it yourself. But seriously, Salome is a complex creature that needs to be experienced individually. If you like exotic scents, vanilla, or well-made fruity-florientals, you’ll like Salome.

  9. Not getting soap from this at all – dark, sexy, florals and fruits. Longevity is only so-so, maybe 4-5 hours? For this scent though, totally worth it.

  10. Oh yum. This is so good! It’s more mainstream smelling than many Alkemia scents of indie perfume in general, but I really like it. It’s sweet, warm, and feminine. I could easily see something similar to this being marketed as a “sexy, nighttime fragrance” by VS or similar company. Gorgeous.

  11. Almost soapy-florals, but really nice soap!, mixed with a little bubblegum. The fruit comes out next and then it fades into a boozy vanilla backed by the cedar/vetiver/oud/sandalwood. It’s extremely mature and feminine. Definitely a confidence booster!

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