Scandal at the Savoy

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A scandalously debauched blend of mandarin peel, guaiac wood, cigars in a cedar humidor, fine polished oak, and opium soaked pralines.

Released: The Decadents Collection

1 thought on “Scandal at the Savoy”

  1. I almost never smell the exact notes that are listed for fragrances and this is no different. However, this is magnificent! Very boozy up front, with whiskey in aged oak barrels. Then, after about an hour I get a lovely spice melange (possibly carnation?) and underneath that a dark vanilla. It has a slight sweetness throughout, and I feel it is unisex. Without that undercurrent of spice and vanilla it would have been quite masculine but it is not that. Lovely, boozy, slightly sweet and yes, a little bit scandalous!

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