Seven Watermelon Suns

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A slightly surreal blend of ripe red watermelon, English cucumber, white leather, golden fig, white poppy, night flowering datura, and water musk.

4 thoughts on “Seven Watermelon Suns”

  1. A very lovely, juicy and true watermelon! I’m just not a huge fan and it stays candylike fades quick, giving little chance for the other notes

  2. I had to try this because…watermelon. I was curious. The watermusk and watermelon on the opening is divine! It’s a bit candied, but still fresh enough that it isn’t overwhelming. But dear god, the combination of cucumber and leather does NOT get along with my skin. It goes full funky animalic combined with watermelon. It smells like a dog that hasn’t had a bath in awhile ran around in a watermelon patch and then let the watermelon bake into its fur for awhile. I’m so sad about it, haha, because the watermelon aspect is gorgeous!

  3. Watermelon, leather, and cucumber are the strongest notes for me. The watermelon is nice and fresh as opposed to candied or super artificial, which is nice.

  4. Salted watermelon or salty fruity-tootie playdough.. I actually like it a lot because I love salted watermelon but it’s not exactly what I was expecting. I wouldn’t wear it all the time. It isn’t so strong.

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