Snow Queen

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: The elusive frozen petrichor of ‘vahca’ (new snow on the top of a layer of older snow) blended with crystalline musk.

2 thoughts on “Snow Queen”

  1. I’ve seen some folks looking for realistic snow scents that don’t have patchouli, wood, rose, or mint. This scent has none of these notes and smells nothing like any of them.

    Smells very cold, maybe vaguely gingery if I have my nose right to my wrist. When I give the scent a little space though, it very much smells like just snow and cold air. I only needed to rest mine maybe a few days, but ymmv.

  2. It took so much resting to get this to where it is (1.5+ years). When I first got it, it smelled like straight up celery. Now it’s so beautiful! It’s very very musky and light, not complex at all, but a mystery to smell. It’s hard to pin down exactly what you’re smelling. I’m not sure it’s a literal interpretation of snow, at least on my skin, but it’s certainly giving the impression of snow.

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