Sorcière Rouge

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Bakhoor incense from a 13th century recipe, Tibetan agar-wood, and Dragon’s Blood infused with Rock Rose and dark amber.

3 thoughts on “Sorcière Rouge”

  1. This is one of my favorite Dragons Blood scents, it sets the bar by which all others are judged. If you want a true to incense Dragons Blood without a bunch of other notes, ( too much extra vanilla, Patchouli etc) this is the one. There is a very light middle eastern flavor and perhaps that is why this one feels so authentic

  2. Oh, this is lovely. Nice, spicy dragon’s blood at the forefront, with a little bit of floral sweetness to temper. Definitely a “red” scent.

  3. Smells a little witchy, but in a classy way. I can smell the rose pretty clearly. On me the throw is not very strong, but longevity is good(about 5 hours)

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