Stag Moon

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Staghorn fern; deerstongue leaves; rum infused maple, birch, and cedar woods; oak moss, autumn musk, clove buds, autumn leaves, deerhide leather, and smoke.

3 thoughts on “Stag Moon”

  1. This smells like fruitcake and pheromones! It is potent and long lasting. At the end it gets mossier and the rum calms down. Not quite for me (I was looking for a mossy forest scent), but if you are looking to smell like a wild, raunchy Christmas fantasy, this is the vibe!

  2. In the bottle, this is a fairly masculine, dirty smell that reminds me somewhat of boozy chocolate.
    Wet, the chocolate fades very fast and morphs into the rum/maple note accompanied by dry leaves and wood. It’s quite boozy to start, but this goes away within 30 minutes. The leather and animal musk come up on drydown. After a few hours, this softens and sweetens to leather and oakmoss and it’s so pretty. Much more feminine than when wet.
    A gorgeous woodsy blend that reminds me of BPAL Coyote, but much more lovely (and without the slightly odd ‘dryer sheets’ smell). Worth buying if you like foresty scents.

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