Sun Dried Laundry in a Summer Rain

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Stonewashed linen and clean, sun-dried cotton billowing gently on an old fashioned clothesline spattered by the first gently ozonic drops of a Maine summer rain.

Released: The Wanderer’s Journal Collection

2 thoughts on “Sun Dried Laundry in a Summer Rain”

  1. In the bottle, this one does just smell like laundry! It does smell sun-warmed, though, once it hits my skin; something warmer comes out and softens the “clean” scent. It’s definitely ozonic, but in a soft way; it does smell like rain.

    After a little bit it’s warmer still; it smells more like the summer rain just passed through and the sun came back out, warming everything back up again. It smells like grass and probably something floral that I can’t pinpoint, the “clean laundry” scent softened by the warmth of the sun.

  2. Laundry powder detergent but it does have a more complex scent than just that on it’s own. I would say this scent really does match it’s name, unfortunately it doesn’t last so long and is really light.

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