2 thoughts on “The Romance of Lust”

  1. Huh, what gives? The last sample I tried of The Romance of Lust the amber in it went to doompowder on me. Ambers seem to fail with my chemistry more often than not. Anyways back to the sample that was included in my latest Alkemia order…all I’m getting wet from the vial to the dry down on my skin is balsam. Not a Christmas tree type of smell but definitely fragrant coniferous balsam. Could this be the amber? Maybe but I doubt it. I’d love to read from others on hereabout their experience with The Romance of Lust. Honestly I think this was mislabeled because it’s nothing like the previous vials I’ve tested out previously. I like it and I can layer it with a ton of stuff but all I get is balsam and no other notes. Ever. At all. Period.

  2. I liked everything about this blend except for the amber, which went powdery on me. If not for that, it would be a love. I usually amp honey but the patchouli in this did wonders to keep that sweet honey note in check. To me, the patchouli wasn’t overkill at all. Once that dreaded powder note goes away I’m left smelling like vanilla tinged honeyed patchouli.

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