Vanille Patchouli

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Purest vanilla seduced and despoiled by wild, dirty patchouli.

4 thoughts on “Vanille Patchouli”

  1. Very gourmand to me; all buttery popcorn on a cold sniff, with patchouli lending richly bitter nuances not dissimilar to coffee or dark chocolate when applied, and revealing a woody, herbal dryness with wear; vanilla can barely get in a word edgewise until the drydown, where it takes on a drier, lightly floral tone. Even then, it’s present only as occasional whiffs of something creamy underneath the overpowering patch.

  2. I was excited to try this since I adore both vanilla and patchouli but it was a huge let down. In the vial I got a faint whiff of patchouli and a slight vanilla note. On my skin I got this strange plastic artificial note that took over. Nothing but this strange somewhat powdery plastic note survives after about 15 minutes. I’ve never had issues with vanilla or patchouli either. Also, this vial rested over 6 weeks! I question if the scent has “gone bad” or “turned” somehow. This is a big no for me unfortunately.

  3. My skin boosts the patchouli, but it’s lovely. It’s definitely a dirty patchouli. The vanilla never goes away either, so it balances nicely. If I ever needed a holy grail patchouli, this is probably it.

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