Scent Description: BARDOT- my lady! Gorgeous badass goddess like musk that’s insanely irresistible. Notes of roses, woods, magnolias but all blended so effortlessly and meld together beautifully in this sexy magnetizing musk. Everyone who smells it loves it. Very femme. Iconic.

7 thoughts on “Bardot”

  1. Damn…I was hoping this would be a floral that I could wear. I’ve read so many promising reviews about this scent. I don’t get any of the rose or the magnolia. I can’t really pick out the musk in this either. There’s this strange note to it that’s somewhere between spicy and sour and it’s not a good thing. This mystery death note seems to hang on and dominate. I guess maybe it’s the “woods” component? I can’t tell what the culprit is and I’m struggling to even guess here. I think this must be a skin chemistry issue because this smells nothing like the notes that are listed. This oil has rested for a few weeks but I’m going to put it to bed for awhile and see if anything changes for the better. For now, this is a sour death on my skin. This is the first one from Alpha Musk that didn’t work out on me and I’ve tried many of Sarabeth’s offerings. I want to smell this on others and see what I’m missing. Here’s hoping that a good rest will improve on things*fingers crossed*

    1. So I let my vial of Bardot rest for a little under two months and that weird spicy sour smell has almost disappeared. Thank god because it was strong enough to turn my stomach. It’s still there in the beginning but fades out after 30 minutes or so. And I still have no idea what note(s) is causing this catastrophe on my skin. I ran out of my vial after three tries and I’m debating on procuring another sample and straight up aging it from the mail not to be opened for several months. It’s strange… I usually amp rose and I have never been able to detect a rose note in this. I have some hope for this as it has improved with age. I think I should have let this one rest for a longer amount of time.

  2. Way too spicy when I got it, even after I rested it for a week. It gave me and my boyfriend headaches. 🙁 It’s better now that it’s rested about a month. I like it better after a 30 min dry down, but I’m still not going to be reaching for it.

  3. I don’t really get anything floral much but I get a little woods, mainly just musk. I don’t get the hype with this one. I was really hoping for some magnolia. It isn’t bad, just doesn’t do much for me.

  4. subtly sweet dry petally musk -What I like about this is the woods. It’s not powdery on me and the musk feels rich and expensive. Yes, this is floral but it’s not intense floral and it’s beautifully crafted.

  5. Spicy florential with a lovely resinous musk. Smells like something I’d expect from a Chanel evening perfume.

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