Cotton Candy Amber


Scent Description: a mellow yellow amber cut with a classic amber white toned down with a dry accord (contains a touch of my red clay) and finished with a heavy dose of cotton candy. The cotton candy is definitely the star of the show.

2 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Amber”

  1. Yummm! One of the best cotton candy accords I’ve encountered and I’m a fan like dyslizakitty who has tried a ton. This one is like a darker, dirtier version of Pink Sugar with rich dark amber instead of black licorice

  2. I have a special love for cotton candy notes, as funfair/carnival scents are very much my happy place in scent form. This is a very good cotton candy accord — airy, sweet and ever so slightly sticky. The white amber is a very nice pairing with it and the ‘clay’ accord adds a light, dryness and grounds the whole affair. Clay note is neither soil-like nor powdery, but a drier red clay: more Southern Georgia during a drought than something you might make pottery out of or plant a garden in.

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