Egyptian Amber Cashmere Cream


Scent Description: Egyptian amber cashmere cream is just what it sounds like it is! It’s a sweet Egyptian amber blended with some custom cashmere cream and sandalwood incense and just a bit more fuzzy woodsy imported musk to make it super soft and luxurious.

4 thoughts on “Egyptian Amber Cashmere Cream”

  1. A little bit sweet, a little bit golden, a warm comforting scent that stays close to the skin and melds with you. This is a good snuggling perfume oil. Super happy that the amber is not powdery! Something about this reminds me of the amber note in Scheming minus the salt water taffy. This is an office/work appropriate scent for sure. I like this but I wish it was stronger. That’s just my personal taste (I dig the bolder scents most of the time) so don’t let that put you off of trying this. It’s on the mellow side, but it’s still very good.

  2. This smells much more sugary-sweet in the bottle than on skin, so if you’re put off by that sweetness give it a try anyway! Something about this reads on me as honey, but where actual honey notes take over and suffocate me this stays balanced. Maybe some of the honey accords out there are made with the same fuzzy musk as in this? I don’t know. It’s really nice though. A bit too fuzzy-soft for my tastes, but I’m glad to have tried it anyway.

  3. More comforting than Egyptian Amber, and a little less sexy. It’s just incredibly warm and fuzzy and sniffable. ‘Super soft and luxurious’ is right on the money.

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