Scent Description:

Flowery orange pekoe is just generally finely ground tea with some buds in the blend. Frida is sipping on that fine pekoe while eating pumpkin bread off season and showered by rich apothecary rose with some gunpowder residue lingering around because she’s a badass.

I’m weird about pumpkin. I o’d on pumpkin spice back in the early 2000’s and haven’t looked back much but I can not resist bread or any source especially vegan pumpkin bread alll moist with apple purée.

Anyway this is a rich (somewhat spicy) tea, a semi gourmand fragrance with the pumpkin bread and some well rounded floral rose permeates the air as gunpowder just keeps the whole blend from going too far any one direction adds a duster dry quality that is whispering in the background.

2 thoughts on “Frida”

  1. Without looking at the notes I would say this is very powdery with a purple floral. Checking the notes I’m guessing the rose is the powdery note. Rose amps on me like nobody’s business and I hate rose notes. The purple floral I am smelling might be the orange pekoe mixing with the rose. I got this as a sample since it isn’t something I would have chosen for myself. I am definitely going to destash this to a loving home.

  2. To me this smells very accurate to the description, I get pretty much all the notes listed, but nothing stands out too much. Fortunately it doesn’t smell like a pumpkin spice candle either, it’s actually pretty sophisticated(yet still sort of gourmand-y in a non-sweet way) The only downside is that the longevity isn’t very good.

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