2 thoughts on “Heavenly Amber Superior”

  1. This is the amber note of my dreams. Superior longevity. This takes the top spot in Alpha Musk’s longest wearing offerings (hello Red Musk Superior and Goth) from Sarabeth. I was in and out all day sweating profusely in 90+ temperatures. It’s been about 15 hours and I can STILL smell this, it’s amazing. I am so impressed with this perfume oil. I have never smelled an amber quite like this. There is this musky almost fruit-like quality to it. Absolutely no powder notes whatsoever. I’m very particular about my amber notes and what jives with my skin chemistry. This rich amber note leaves the rest of them in the dust. A FS will be mine, oh yes it will! On a side note, the owner of this shop is by far one of the most gracious people that I have ever encountered. Wonderful customer service and beyond generous with her samples. Sometimes I read others reviews on a particular scent and wonder if I’m smelling the same thing (I’m looking at you Bardot). I believe a lot of it has to do with individual skin chemistry. I enjoy reading the descriptions from others on here, it’s been a tremendous help to me.

  2. First off, this oil is thicccc. I got it as a sample vial and it coated the wand like it was honey! It left my skin a bit tacky, in fact. As for the scent? I think this may be one of those ambers that I’m slightly anosmic to, as it’s a bit tricky for me to smell and it comes off kind of ‘hollow’ for lack of a better way to phrase it. It’s like an amber LaCroix. What I CAN detect is a dry, warm, deep, musky amber with very little powderiness. Like, it’s clearly high-quality stuff. I just wish I could smell more of it!

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