Coal Soul


Scent Description:

Dry coal and a couple dark musks accompanied by occasional whiffs of the good folks baked vanillas and some of their fresh cut trees in the distance.

Dry coal/tar like kinda like the shampoo my dad always used, dark black soulfully or maybe soulless musks with holiday vanilla accord and fresh cut trees with some pine tree saw dust that still smells warm.

Released: Holiday 2019

1 thought on “Coal Soul”

  1. Smells like some kind of red fruit candy at first – sharp and sugary. There’s a hint of evergreens in the background, lending themselves to the sharpness, but it’s honestly very candy-like and not at all what I expected OOB. As it dries down on skin, though, a dusty dirty vanilla (very dry, very ashy, a little musky) begins to come forward and dominates the scent. It eventually becomes something sweet and dry and a little sawdusty that mostly fades back into my skin. Which is too bad, because that “coal” and vanilla note is incredibly cool and I’d buy a perfume of just that. Big morpher, kindof odd, not much longevity.

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