Holy Rose Water


Scent Description:

Perfume blend of damascena, de grasse rose, southern full bloom magnolias, cedarwood, bergamot, violet & the softest pure cotton like nude musk and the daintiest aquatic touch that is more like rain with sun shining through.

There’s something comforting and pretty about this blend. It’s bound to bring you some peace of mind during the holiday chaos and it also will be a nice ‘mom likes flowers and god’ gift (tehe but..::::real talk!)

Released: Holiday 2019

3 thoughts on “Holy Rose Water”

  1. Doesn’t smell like a fresh rose out of a garden, but it’s a very lovely rose perfume. Bought a FS for me and one for my mom who is also a big fan of this one.

  2. This was an intense soapy rose scent on my skin. Almost migraine inducing rose. Definitely not my type of rose scent, as I prefer something that leans a bit more natural (like if you actually sniffed fresh pink rose petals). This was too intense for me and I had to scrub it after about 10 minutes, as it wasn’t mellowing out on my skin whatsoever. However, if you are someone who does enjoy seriously strong rose scents, this might be right up your alley!!

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