Leather Bound Book


Scent Description: This one takes on my paper note I put together using a series of balsams primarily tolu balsam, gurjan balsam with a touch of benzoin a dry sandalwood and pepper.Then I added my realistic leather with a softer dry suede note and thyme and olibanum and a dash of amber resin. There’s hidden nuisances of rose, saffron honey and beeswax. It took alllll this and more to create the coveted leather bound book scent. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

1 thought on “Leather Bound Book”

  1. First impression: this was delivered Dec 18th so it has only been resting 4 days. I will check back in a couple weeks from now.

    For my first impression, this smells like a leather bound book. The paper note is spot on. I find the leather leans a tiny bit lemony but that’s probably because it’s still pretty fresh out of the mail. It smells like a well made new leather book rather than an old leather book, which is unique. I am more used to scents like Solstice Scents Library or Alkemia Book of Shadows that have those old book vibes going on. I’m excited to see how it settles after a couple weeks of resting. So far, so good though.

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