Scent Description: Holy cow i am not a citrus lover at all but I’m in love with this blend, in fact I’ve worn it frequently as my daytime perfume of choice. This is a blend of a sugary iced tea, sugared ginger slices, and lemonade to make the sweetest Arnold Palmer. A barely detectable touch of skin musk to sleek out the vibe. Not too sweet but tons of sugar? I don’t know how but I did it. And y’all love tea so this is sure to cheer you up. And makeup-less Monroe has me swooning…

Released: Major Vibes

1 thought on “Cheery”

  1. I love this scent so much!!! Wonderful in the warm and humid weather. Usually I prefer the darker smoky resinous scents but sometimes they can be heavy and cloying in the heat of summer. This does indeed remind me of an Arnold Palmer…the drink not the man, hehe. I consume a ton of iced tea year round and I cannot seem to get enough of this scent. Something in this reminds me of a smell from my childhood although I can place it yet. Gummy bears? Some kind of candy note?? My only complaint about this scent is it fades away to nothing in about 2 hours on me. This smells so damn good that I’m willing to forgive that flaw and buy a full size bottle to douse myself in during these warmer months. I hope Sarabeth keeps this scent up on Alpha Musk permanently. This will be a summer staple for me for sure.

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