Scent Description: Goths are often the sweetest at heart and passionate, they just get the human condition a bit more than most and are coping in their goth ways. This is a rich black musk (one of my fucking favorites) from India and a midnight vanilla (not to sweet but rich and Devine).

Released: Major Vibes

3 thoughts on “Goth”

  1. A powerful black musk and vanilla smell. I really enjoyed this but it’s not for the faint of heart. This really stands up to my scent eating skin and meshes incredibly well with my skin chemistry.

  2. This one morphs on the skin and stays close- it’s being scented instead of perfumed. It started out like grape soda syrup, but after a few seconds became a fast friend! Juicy brown with little mysteries. This one lets your imagination roam. I reach for it almost every day, trying to figure out exactly why I love it so much. Sometimes sweet, sometimes almost like smoke, but always human and deep and dark. But never dreary.

  3. This scent is so interesting to me, not like any vanilla musk I’ve smelled before. It’s very deep and mellow, and there’s something almost wood-y about it. But also clean? And maybe smoky?

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