Leave Me Be


Scent Description: Is a cold scent. It contains a blend of a note that I created by accident I call ‘stone wall’ which is essentially an industrial accord with a little bit of an earthy quality to it and a cooler green tone because it has a mass note. It contains an dark brown lightly animalistic with spice Arabian musk which I mellow out with a smoky oud and I just had to add some patchouli but I decided to go with a light white patchouli, the only thing sweet is a dollop of pistachio paste and then there’s some mud to keep people out of your business is a nice solid strong mud note but it’s blended so beautifully you can’t really tell that it’s there. just adds depth and attitude. Overall this leans a little bit traditionally masculine but this is just alpha style as everything is unisex.

Released: Major Vibes

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