Scent Description: This so close to my heart as I’d Sade but anyway the notes are a gorgeous soft rose with spices musk from Morocco, some sea minerals (not ocean think more rocks/salt air by ocean) and then some fresh city picked baltimore mulberry pie! It’s like eating mulberry pie at a sandy/yet grassy foragey bay beach on one of those super hot days that take you by surprise in early fall. Mulberries grow wild in Baltimore and I used to have some in the backyard of one of the many places I rented. Kids would knock on our door and ask if they could have some mulberries off the tree and they were so cute and pure about it, and nice to ask! Since the house was empty for ages they were familiar with the yard but still asked. Anyway they got me into mulberries which are a sweet mild berry similar to a blackberry but smaller and a bit grounded/earthy quality, somewhat mild.)

Released: Major Vibes

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