Scent Description: Aged amber resin, and a semi sweet benzoin resin soaked and dissolved in a sandalwood bourbon blend, topped with my favorite imported black musk, leather with the tiniest dust of patchouli, sweet Jasmine sambac cut down by a powdery soft jasmine, imported red musk, agave, more soft musk. This perfume was sexy but it wasn’t enough so I blended in cheesecake and it turned divine and I was like ok, now this is SEXY sexy lol

Released: Major Vibes

1 thought on “Sexy”

  1. It’s a very sweet kind of sexy scent, almost syrupy. I found it a little jarring at first sniff, but the more I smell it the more I want to smell it. The floral notes definitely come through amidst the sticky resins, but in more of a suggestive way. This is like…. red satin stilettos with a wad of bubblegum stuck to the bottom?

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