Scent Description: Why why whyyyy can’t I just bathe in this! This will be permanent for sure as long as I can find more of the star of this blend, which is a arabian musk tahara, these are almost glue-like in texture and each have their own irresistible skin like sweet vibe this one smells like coconut and vanilla so I decided to amp that quality and I slowly cut in a coconut butter note, more of a desert actual butter and coconut not like the odorless oil, and marshmallow fluff. The musks natural vanilla quality sort of does it’s thing. It’s so soft and sweet and lovely with nothing to complicate it.

Released: Major Vibes

2 thoughts on “Shy”

  1. I was curious to try something with that Arabian musk tahara. I agree with Erica, this is spot on coconut pudding. The coconut is more desert like for sure and not like sunscreen. Unfortunately myself and coconut don’t seem to have a good chemistry. It went plastic on me but the phased out into a musky vanilla like scent that sits close to the skin. Even though the coconut aspect of this was very much a gourmand, I feel like the vanilla part of this isn’t food like at all. If the coconut didn’t go all wonky with my skin chemistry, this would be divine on me. I seriously envy those who don’t have my chemistry issues.

  2. This is so comforting and gentle, and just really pretty. It smells like creamy coconut pudding on my wrists, and on the crooks of my elbows the musk is a bit more dominating. I’m not usually into coconut+vanilla combos, but this is just such a gorgeous and high quality scent I might need to get a full size.

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