Scent Description:

Pillow is a vanilla cotton touched by one of my favorite essential oils and blender, Peru balsam, a touch of ivory woods to ground the blend further.

This is the vanilla soft sleeper scent for those of you who get too hungry from the gourmand vanillas, lol, so you can sleep peacefully without hunger pangs!

It also makes a nice layering note!

2 thoughts on “Pillow”

  1. Something in this reminds me of Apocalyptic Consol 2020 and I think it’s the Peru balsam. AC 2020 is sweeter . This is okay but I don’t think it’s anything special to be honest. It’s not coming across as a “sleep scent” to me. I feel like it’s a bit bold for sleep. I don’t know…lol I like strong scents too! The description is fairly accurate on my skin and doesn’t change. I’d use this in layering but it’s doubtful that I’d make much use of this one on it’s own.

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