Sensory Deprivation Tonic


Scent Description:

Inspired a wonderful customer, Karen. It was such a good custom request I decided just to release it and it inspired a mini series .sleeper series.

This is a hefty dose of a soft marshmallow cream blended with some lightly sweet Tunisian sandalwood and a touch of Mysore. It has some blue Egyptian musk to take it too the next level and some skin milk to soften it out allllll topped with dreamy lavender.

1 thought on “Sensory Deprivation Tonic”

  1. Ehh. All I can smell is the marshmallow. That’s it. It’s not a bad scent and I don’t hate it, but it smells almost exactly like Hexennacht’s marshmallow note, which I’m not super fond of. I’m not sure if my skin just amps that note or what. Sillage isn’t great and it really only lasts for a little over an hour, even though I applied it generously. The perfume itself is blue which I thought was really cool, and it wouldn’t make a bad sleep scent but at the very least I wish I had gotten a bit more lavender.

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