Sniff the Kids Heads


Scent Description:

It took awhile to cast this scent portrait.

I kept adding things I imagine I smelled when getting carried away in my kiddos heads, but there’s nothing quite like it.

My son Nico approves of this one. Mostly after I added the soft blue Egyptian musk because he wants everything to be blue, but it does work in this blend as well as a soft skin milk and soft skin floral free/ low salt musk.

There’s a touch of sweet potatoes softened by playdoh, a scribble of playground, and for some reason cashmere and suede really helped this kids head aura come to life.

It. may not even interest others but it really comforts me! it may mean something completely different to you but it was developed in my scent portrait sessions with my sons and my 4 year old loves these sessions lol.

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