Fairy Circle

Brand: Andromeda’s Curse

Scent Description: In a sunny forest clearing cute toadstools grow in a circle. You can feel the magic in the air.
Notes: Fungi, Ferns, Flowers, Sandalwood, Amber

3 thoughts on “Fairy Circle”

  1. Ooh I like this. It smells earthy, bright, slightly floral and sweet. A very fresh spring scent. Unique and wearable. I don’t necessarily smell mushrooms, everything melds together pretty well.

  2. Kind of smells like…a cracker or a cookie? This must be the fungi, though this doesn’t smell like any mushroom I’ve ever smelled haha. Okay, now this has a sort of… sweet roundness to it if that makes sense. Its sweetness is similar to Ceres, but it’s sweeter without the Egyptian musk. This is also more floral, slightly green.

  3. This one is really interesting. Can’t say I smell the fungi, but there’s definitely something almost buttery-like in the base that could be interpreted as a shroomy note. Amber is my death note but I don’t mind it here – it’s well blended with the other notes. No thick flowers either. It really smells like a magical meadow in a perfume form.

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