Moon Sugar

Brand: Andromeda’s Curse

Scent Description: Sugar, Peach, Litchi, Strawberry Candy, Milk, Vanilla

4 thoughts on “Moon Sugar”

  1. i got gifted this cause my sister and mum hated it.

    my thoughts so far:
    – indeterminable cloying sweetness- sweet as described but if you asked me /what/ was in it i would not be able to tell you
    -intense but not long lasting – if i apply it i can get about 3 hours of smell, tops
    -juvenile – legitimately smells like something you could get from claire’s or justice
    -rounded odor – i guess it’s the milk? but yea it doesn’t smell ‘sharp’ – odor profile is akin to a bag of marshmallows
    -synthetic – this doesn’t smell natural at all. more ‘sugar scientist’ than ‘sugar witch’ (which is what i was expecting given the witch-y branding aesthetic).
    -doesn’t irritate my nose – im surprised by this (cause i have a lot of allergies) but i can wear it without my eyes watering or my nose acting up.

    peanut gallery review:
    -mum thought it smelled “cheap and fake”
    -sister thought it smelled like “an old person trying to be cool and young”

    i’ll use it cause i got it as a gift but i wouldn’t purchase it if given a choice.

  2. Delicious. A fruity, sweet fun blend! Strawberry candy is the strongest note here, but the other notes come together to make it more than a one-dimensional blend. If you hate milk notes I wouldn’t worry about it’s inclusion here, there’s only a very slight creaminess. I usually have bad luck with the throw and duration of Andromeda’s Curse perfumes but this lasted a medium amount of time.

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