Never Seen by Waking Eyes

Brand: Andromeda’s Curse

Scent Description:  Deeper down the rabbit hole, in a dark Wonderland forest, strange creatures lurk.
Notes: Wormwood, Incense, Cedarwood, Dirt, Oud, Musk, Vanilla, Amber

2 thoughts on “Never Seen by Waking Eyes”

  1. Well balanced between woody incense and creamy vanilla (deepened by a heavy dose of musk and amber) to round out the sharper edges of oudh; cedar, dirt, and artemisia are equally prominent at first, but fade with the drydown while the oudh remains. A much sweeter and milder blend than expected; I’d recommend this for fans of dark vanillas.

  2. Yummy cedar and vanilla at first, transforms into incensy amber later. As far as ambers go, this one doesn’t bother me that much, but it’s definitely more prominent here than in other AC’s perfumes with amber I’ve tried.

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