Brand: Andromeda’s Curse

Scent Description: Sweetgrass, Rain, Aquatic Note, Evergreen, Green Note, Green Grass, Water, Lavender, Dirt, Tomato Leaf

2 thoughts on “Temperance”

  1. Very leafy and slightly spicy, happily mostly tomato leaf! It is a wet, slightly tree-ish and leafy green blend. I don’t really get any lavender from this; it kind of just adds a green edge to the overall scent. I am really enjoying this though because it is mostly leafy, slightly peppery tomato leaf and I am l o v i n g it.

  2. Smells like a spa. A very nice spa though 🙂 it’s very green & aquatic. I think it’s the tomato leaf that gives it a little more sharper edge.

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