The Conservatory

Brand: Andromeda’s Curse

Scent Description: In the humid air, wild green plants press against the fogged glass of the greenhouse. This place has obviously not been tended to in a long time, though somehow the colorful hothouse orchids still thrive.
Notes: Teakwood, Green Plants, Orchid, Geranium, Planting Soil, Exotic Musk, Arabian Sandalwood, Sweet Oud

2 thoughts on “The Conservatory”

  1. Earthy and green, a touch woody – disappears quickly, so needs more rest?I didn’t get any weird bandage from the oud, but I guess I just didn’t get much at all haha. I’d still full size this too, so maybe if I let it rest longer or slather it?

  2. Initially this wasn’t a favorite of mine. I remember I got a lot of polished wood and stuffy flowers when I first tried it. I decided to randomly try it again after some time and welp, I kind of dig it now. It really has that green humid vibe + flowers and muskiness, the woody aspect took a step back which is nice.

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