The Fool

Brand: Andromeda’s Curse

Scent Description: Baby Powder, Freesia, Milk, Water Lily, Hyacinth, Vanilla

2 thoughts on “The Fool”

  1. The milk and baby powder gave me pause, but the milk never turned sour and the powder only complemented the creamy, lovely florals.

  2. This scent is so beautiful! I put it on last night and still faintly smell of it; I plan to FS eventually, i was given this scent by my sister and I didn’t look at the notes until now. Honestly I would probably not buy it myself if I saw those notes (florals, baby powder) but it’s not floral and it’s not really powdery, just a lovely creaminess! I can still smell it on myself faintly and my cat also smelled like this scent this morning lmao

    I wouldn’t say it has much throw, I would catch faint whiffs of it last night but honestly maybe it would be a great layering scent, or maybe it just needs some aging to get a bit stronger? Either way I love it!

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