2 thoughts on “Vanilla Craves Bread”

  1. I love, love, love Arcana’s vanillas, but I’ve discovered their bread note is pure yeast on me. I’d say this scent read as even parts vanilla and yeast instead of vanilla and baked bread. I had to destash because the yeast smell just threw me entirely. This is the same yeasty smell as in Mad Monk if you’re familiar with that scent from Arcana.

  2. I really enjoy this scent as it’s very strong, but it is a little bit cloying. After getting whiffs of it all day I kind of start to feel like I’ve had enough of the sweetness, so apply it sparingly. Other than that it’s a very pleasant scent, the bread and bakery yeast come in nicely once it’s dried down and bit and keeps it from being like every other vanilla scent you’ve ever tried.

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