Vanilla Craves Cocoa

Brand: Arcana Craves

Scent Description: An elegant twist on chocolate and vanilla. Swanky white amber and sheer vanilla musk with Arcana Wildcraft’s Hot Cocoa accord (a rich cocoa CO2 infusion melds with the finest dark chocolate and a mug full of fluffy white marshmallows).

3 thoughts on “Vanilla Craves Cocoa”

  1. I was hoping this would be strongly vanilla with a touch of cocoa, but this was pure hot chocolate in a mug. The cocoa was dominant throughout the wear, although it did settle down after a few hours. Arcana’s cocoa is extremely realistic– like open up a packet of hot chocolate mix and take a whiff– which isn’t something I particularly want to smell like even though I appreciate it.

  2. Sniffing at the bottle reveals a rich cocoa note. Wet on skin it starts off as vanilla before it becomes a rich cocoa here as well. Unfortunately the entire scent becomes rather sour on my skin, which can’t be the vanilla as Arcana’s vanilla notes always work for me. I suspect that it is the amber and the combination with vanilla and cocoa, which is a shame because I would’ve liked to love this scent.

    To end this on a positive note: my entire room smells like chocolate cake now. Could be worse for sure. 😉

  3. I got a whiff of this on the wrist of my friend and the impression was pure expensive Mexican vanilla extract. She told me after what the perfume was.
    Pacifica used to make a beautiful chocolate perfume that is discontinued; Chocolate Craves Vanilla reminds me of it. It also tended to a vanilla extract scent; perhaps chocolate and vanilla just love each other.
    I hope to get a bottle of CCV one day. Took me straight to a bright, beautiful, chic cafe in Mexico City, Barcelona, or some such beautiful land, with fountains and color, where hot chocolate comes so thick you need a spoon.

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