2 thoughts on “Vanilla Craves Spring”

  1. My first instinct was that I wasn’t so sure I liked this one. Something in it was a little off. I think it was a little gourmand for me, reminding me of icing and raw cake batter. And then the honeysuckle and bubblegum were coming out like a second perfume layered underneath. Once it dried and the galbanum and amber came out, though, I decided I did like it. The mint is barely perceptible, adding a slight coolness. I guess there was just something about it out of the bottle that was like sour vanilla but it didn’t last long.

  2. From the bottle I get a strong impression of birthday cake batter. On the skin, bubblegum sparkles forward and the honeysuckle comes through as a soft hint of floral freshness, very sweet. This is a happy, innocent fragrance, cozy enough for rainy days in late winter, longing for spring in a pink fluffy bathrobe.
    The drydown is a soft, light, silky vanilla- buttercream frosting, a pastel white chocolate Easter egg.
    *When I first tried this one, it seemed overpoweringly sweet, fake and cloying, like a vanilla cardboard tree freshener. It literally gave me a headache. Letting it rest for a week changed it completely into the delightful confection it is.

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