Amber Caramel

Brand: Arcana

Scent Description: A dark, sexy blend of blackest amber with Caramel (rich toffee, sticky maple, sugar cane, and Tonka bean absolute).

3 thoughts on “Amber Caramel”

  1. In the bottle it is sweet caramel. On the skin it starts off with sugary maple before turning into a slightly burned caramel. By now, I believe that my skin doesn’t work with caramel as note. An hour or so into it, the amber comes out and it is dark and smoky, but also sour. Once the amber appears, it will stay and the caramel doesn’t play a role anymore.

  2. This smells like syrupy graham crackers to me. I can definitely smell the espresso adding a little bit of depth, too, which may be where I’m getting that thought. It’s definitely a darker interpretation of the scent, but I haven’t decided just yet what I think.

  3. Dark, sugary and syrupy and delicious. The amber is dark, dark, dark, smoky and a little bit stanky, the caramel is rich, thick and unbelievably sugary. If this were a colour, it would be espresso-dark brown shot through with black, copper and gold. The amber takes a lot of the gourmand away from this scent and adds a lot of darkness and atmosphere, but it’s still thick and rich, more of a winter or late autumn scent than anything else. It’s very lovely – dark, sweet, rich and strange.

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