Apples Crave Ultraviolet

Brand: Arcana Craves

Scent Description: Fresh, sweet apples with Ultraviolet (piquant white tea, tender violets, sweet vanilla, bubble gum, and cotton candy).

2 thoughts on “Apples Crave Ultraviolet”

  1. A sweet apple over slightly powdery violet and sugar. Unfortunately Arcana’s violet note always goes sour on me, and this was no different- although more successful than some of the less sweet violet blends.

  2. This is beautiful crisp green apples with violets and bubble gum. The bubble gum/vanilla/cotton candy gives it a sweet candy smell, I wouldn’t say it smells overly of straight bubble gum. It’s light, feminine and interesting. I only wish I could get greater silage and longevity – mostly because I want everyone to smell this and I want to smell like this always! I was hoping it would smell like Alchimia Apothecary’s Violet Me, which is apples and violets, but it’s different. It’s a wonderful scent, I’d get the whole ultraviolet collection if I could.

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